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The days of searching the local newspaper employment vacancy column or popping into your local job centre to find a job has long gone. This was the way it was for me when I left school (well college). Some companies still use these ways of recruiting new employees, but many use job agencies now.

I am not sure if it is a good or a bad thing really, it certainly makes life a lot easier sat at your PC or laptop to do your job searching, beats pounding the streets (which I also do), that for sure. When I left school job agencies were only for top managerial and specialised jobs. But now a days even your dustman......sorry I mean waste disposal operative vacancies are listed with a job agency. So to that end I am registered with a host of job agencies and look online at least twice a day most days of the week.

OK so here is a tip, keep submitting your CV, by this I mean once you have submitted your cv to a group of job agencies, go back and resubmit it again 4 weeks later. Makes some changes minor or major to your cv but resubmit again. I found doing this put you back at the top of the newly sent in cv and will get your CV noticed more than just sending one in and letting it slip down the list.

So here is a list of some of the agencies and some of the other sites that I use to help in my job search.