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September 18th 2016

the end is nigh.........

After three years and two day (today) my job finish's, the company moved the end date from mid October to today. The first six weeks with the company was working via a job agency as a temp for them before I was transferred to the company as a full employee. In that time I have had a couple of positions and worked on a few projects and enjoyed it all. The job I was doing was completely new to me (technical customer service) and I had my doubts that I would be able to do it, but I did. It will be very strange walking out the gates tonight for the last time. I will miss all my work colleagues.

The job search goes on and will continue with more effort tomorrow (as a lady of leisure I will have more time now to do it). To date I have filled out nurmerous online applications, had a couple of phone interviews, one which led to (a come in and see us) job interview but was cancelled as the job went but off the back of that been called in for another interview with the same company this coming week. I have registed with most of the agencies in the area and will be contacting them in the coming days and going to a job fair next week in my hunt for new employment prospects.

August 2016

oh dear, here we go again II.........

Why here we go again II? Well on Thursday 4th August I was given my redundancy notice, as of 18th October (or there about's) I will out of a job. So I have resurrected my old web site for the start of the search for new employment. The last time this web site was used was in September 2013, I lost my job in the morning and had a temporary job by 4pm that afternoon. That temporary job became a permanent job and is the one which I am being made redundant from.

Over the coming weeks I will update this page with my progress and thoughts and hopefully by that fateful date in October I will have a job ready to start.