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Who am I, well if you have not guessed already my Name is Karen Henley, I am a Friendly Honest, Hardworking, Conscientious, Flexible, Creative, Confident, Mother and Wife and I learn new things quickly. I once attended an interview, but never got the job. One of the reasons I did not get the job according to one of interviewers was "I was to serious"!! Ok I did not walk into the interview cracking jokes but me too serious??

I am fun loving, I like nothing better than a good old hose pipe verse water pistol (super soaker type) fight on a hot summers day or snow ball fight with my kids and husband in the winter )I normally lose either soaking wet or snow down my back). I love music, anything from the 70's (ok maybe a bit earlier) through to the present, glam rock to heavy rock, soul to ballads.

I like mountain biking although I don't like riding up hills, I much prefer the flat trials out in the New Forest. Sometimes I do find that the terrain does beat me, that me pushing my bike through the undergrowth on the bikes back wheel near Wimborne a few years ago. When I am not wearing myself out on my bike I like making beaded jewellery, watching Speedway and reading.

I like taking photographs, I certainly won't be giving up the day job as I am no David Bailey (or the female equivalent) but I enjoy taking my camera out and taking a few snaps, that is my daughter on the beach at West Wittering complete with broken arm

I hope that this little bit about me shows you the bits that you don't find on my CV but are equally an important part of me the person, thank you for taking the time to look.